As music is a work of art it can be hard to know which song will be a commercial success and which will not. When you invest in a Corite campaign you are giving us a loan which we are using to fund the artist. As part of the loan terms you agree that the only source of repayment comes from the revenues of that song when it's streamed on services such as Spotify and Apple Music. If the song reaches the number of streams that was set in the campaign, it means that you will be paid back the loan. Any amount above that will be interest on your loan. This means that if a song in the end doubles its goal, you will double the money that you invested, but half of it would be considered repayment. If you at the end of the campaign term have not gotten all of your money back, the loan will expire, as set out in the campaign terms. The best thing is that all of the money you contributed with (apart from Corite's small fee) will be used to support new talent and great music. That you can always be proud of and we thank you for!

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